23 Jun 2020
Marcopolo Next advances in diversification and begins operations in the hotel segment with FIP Spaces Hotels

São Paulo, June 23, 2020 – Marcopolo Next signed its first contract to supply its FIP Spaces (short for Fog in Place) disinfection system to the hotel sector in Brazil. The solution is part of the recently launched BioSafe platform, which develops innovations in biosafety for the transport sector and other market segments. The first establishment to use the solution is Etnia Casa Hotel, located in Trancoso, Bahia. The method is able to eliminate viral diseases from the environment, including the novel coronavirus, and is an alternative to provide a safe environment for guests upon resuming activities in the sector.
The FIP SPACES system uses nanotechnology, which promotes the dissipation of dry fog throughout the inside of an environment, disinfecting in about 10 minutes, preventing the spread of viruses and bacteria.
“We are a company that has a genuine concern for people in our DNA, and BioSafe is a reflection of that. For this reason, our solutions, developed to increase biosafety in buses, go beyond the market in which we operate. I believe that these innovations will contribute not only during this pandemic, but will continue to be used in the near future and will shape the way companies behave from now on”, says James Bellini, CEO of Marcopolo.
Marcopolo Next is developing solutions to assist the market in returning from the pandemic and some innovations go beyond the transport sector, as is the case of FIP SPACES.
“We have sought to diversify in terms of solutions for the market, where Next Services, the division responsible for FIP Spaces, has sought to adapt disinfection solutions for both modes and spaces, with high technology, but in an accessible and practical way” says Petras Amaral Santos, Business Head of Marcopolo Next.
André Zanonato, owner of the boutique hotel Etnia Casa hotel (Trancoso/BA), in addition to being the first to implement the disinfection system in his facilities, will be responsible for distributing the technology to the hotel sector.
Enthusiastic about the initiative, Zanonato immediately identified the possibility of FIP being adapted to environments, especially in hotels. “Although this project was originally developed for use in modes of transportation, I believe in it and I fell in love with it as soon as I heard about it. It is an essential tool to resume the hotel industry after the pandemic, because, in addition to guests who will find spaces that are disinfected and free from contamination, people working in the hospitality sector will resume their jobs in a safe environment, contributing to the resumption of tourism and the economy”, he says.

The service is available in two modalities: Mobile Unit (Machine upon request and price charged per m²) and Machine for the Customer (Rental system where the machine is available to the contracting party for one month).
About Marcopolo NEXT
Marcopolo Next is an innovation division, launched by Marcopolo in 2019, aimed at developing solutions for the future of mobility and designing services and intelligent systems that facilitate moving and connecting people. The area also has several suppliers, Biotechnology specialists from Universidade de Caixas do Sul and startups selected through the open innovation challenge, launched in April.
About Fog in Place
FIP – Fog in Place® technology is an unprecedented and patented process for disinfecting surfaces and environments by airways, using nanoparticles of a biocidal solution. The startup Aurratech is Marcopolo Next’s partner in developing the solutions.


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